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Wayward Harbor is a first-person horror game. Where you use a handheld mirror to escape from a terror revealing itself of the deeps of the ocean.

Haunted by a seemingly unstoppable force, you discover that your only way to survive is by using a family heirloom mirror which reveals a menacing threat. Explore through a dense environment and solve obstacles that lay in your way from escape.


Wayward Harbor was created by 5 students from Howest, Digital Arts and Entertainment, And one composer from Artesis Plantijn University. This game was the result of the final year course, Group Projects.

Environment/Level Design - Daniil Shashenkov 

Props / Sound design - Lars Korden

Creature Design / Animation - Christopher Null

Gameplay Features / Mechanics - Tarnover Vitaly

AI / Game loop - Martijn Dhondt 

Composer - Gonçalo Oliveira


If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments please feel free to let us know. The same goes if you find an issue with the game. We are all open to constructive feedback.

Thank you so much for trying our game, your interest and time mean a lot to the whole group. We hope you have the experience you wanted.


WaywardHarbor.zip 470 MB


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That was really nice 5/5

The game is amazing, I love the gameplay, really intelligent way of playing, but too hard for me to continue ^^' the graphisms were really good too !

YOU GUYS ROCK! This game literally scared the shit out of me most of the time!!! I appreciate the spooks!! 

thank for this game !

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Really enjoyed this game. I wish there was a way to distract the monster from camping around your hiding spot but overall, it's a great stealth horror! I only play horror games on my channel btw- feel free to check me out!

I love the concept of this game it was such a good little horror bite. 

The monster design was very creepy and you can't beat the mirror.

 Love to see more~ !

Hi! Have you think about translating the game?  If so I would like to helpl you with that, I have to translate a game for a university project. :D


The creature design was creepy, especially the way it moved, and the graphics looked beautiful. Our biggest problem with this was that we couldn't tell if we were supposed to keep getting caught by the monster - he kept trapping us in a certain area, almost like he was magnetised to us, and it felt almost impossible to escape him. This got very frustrating and took a long time to get past. It felt like the game could maybe benefit from a distraction mechanic to avoid the monster, as right now it is quite difficult to use the mirror sometimes to pinpoint its location - especially as it's able to teleport so fast in front of you anyway. All in all, we did initially enjoy getting scared by monster and not knowing where it was, but admittedly we did get a little frustrated with trying to get past it. Here is our gameplay video:

so scary

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this game was horriffying and i loved it the monsster was sooooooo loud so when it got close to you, you got really spooked out. great game 10/10

cara, geniaaal, adorei a mecanica de terror usando o espelho pra ver os monstros super criativo, primeiro jogo com esse estilo que eu joguei, os graficos não ficam nada a desejar também ta lindo, ele entrega muito bem o que precisa ser entregado parabens aos envolvidos 


Premise is good, the mirror mechanic is interesting and the graphics are awesome. Unfortunately i didnt had fun. After just a few tries the scare factor dropped to zero for me, the game became boring and to avoid the monster became an hassle that had nothing fun to it, it just didn't clicked for me. The atmosphere was great but the general lack of lore couldn't save it for me. Though opinions are subjective.

this was fantastic! 

Look Into The Mirror, it Tells you what to DO | A Single Scary Game

hola ! queria decirte que me fascino tu videojuego , todos tienen un gran talento !!! espero que sigan sacando joyas de terror tan geniales como esta,  aqui les dejo mi gameplay : ) cuidensee 

I'm Gunna be honest, never really been a fan of what I call "hide and seek horror" despite this I can honestly say this game is super well made. The graphics are impressive and the primary mechanic is original and well thought out. You can see my full play through on my YouTube channel right here!

Here's a 12 second video from this awesome game.

The mirror mechanic really drew me to this game & whilst it has it's pros & cons, I really enjoyed the game! I made a few suggestions at the end of the video but, for a final year project, really well done! Definitely

keeping an eye out for further updates and releases!

Great Game‼ Only thing id say is wrong is the demon is a little glitchy going to the gate.

Two questions!

Any update on when this will be released on Steam? I thought it was today.

Is it the same game that you can download here and it's just not released there yet, or?

Anyway, I'm excited to play this one. It was hard to not look at reviews! lol

The game is now released on steam

It has a few small improvements, but nothing major has changed

Thank you for getting back to me! Already have it downloaded on Steam. I'll try and remember to leave feedback here and there when I'm done with it though!

This game gave me a thrill of FRIGHT!

Deepened by the state of the broken glassed veil.. do we seek out the Monsters of our worst NIGHTMARES!

The game ran smoothly and was expressed through a perfected style. It was intriguing to play backwards with a mirror.. It was wobbly at first. But it got easier afterwards.

The problem I ran into, is that I ended up losing the need of the mirror after realizing that I could play through sound. You can locate the demon, or monster through the sound of the water, esc, Davy jones locker music lmao.

I didn't quite understand the story other than the MA had a mirror, which caused a monster to leak into the real world.. Would LOVE to see how this is possible when and if the game comes out on FULL RELEASE..

Thank you for this swell game!🙏🏼

Solid "avoid the monster" gameplay and level design but I found the mirror to be more detrimental to your survival than helpful so I did most of it using just sound and the darkening of the screen when you were close to the monster to guide me through.Also, I don't know what kind of framerate I was getting (20 fps maybe? My computer ain't what it used to be,) and man, motion blur really looks bad on low framerates.

Very nice design... it would be great if we could configure the keys to move, because in France, we use the AZERTY keyboard and your configuration is not easy for us... It would be better to use the arrow keys.

Forild, I found the game idea very good and very interesting, I wanted to know two things about the game, the first thing is if there will be a mobile version for the game in the Google Play Store, the second thing is if the game will also have on steam.

Hi! You can already wishlist the game on steam, it's coming out soon. We are not planning a mobile version atm

okay understand, one more question for you, the game will soon have other languages like "French, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese" a point that would be nice for your game.

Really good game and super interesting concept! 

This was an interesting horror game good work.

Graphics reminded me of of dishonoredwhich I liked, the enemy was decently predictable, but all in all I liked it. The concept is really neat, I regarded it as "playing a horror game with a rear view mirror" lol


Thanks for playing!

ofc :)


This was fantastic! Well done devs! 


Thank you!

What an awesome, frightening game! The mirror mechanic was super cool and the monster was truly scary! Very well done! Really want to see more of a game like this, like a whole story of the player being hunted down by these mirror monsters! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Thanks for playing!

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The mechanics and game-play were something I never saw before when it came the to hand mirror. Very creepy and stressful with that monster running around! However I really enjoyed playing it and recommend trying it out! 

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it ^^

it not opening the game?

nvm it's work thourgh the zip


Hello, someone contacted me on Discord asking me to try this game today, I believe they have setup a copy of your itch page with a fake (likely a virus) download.



Looks like their page was taken down already. Thx for letting us know anyway! Since you're here might as well check out the actual game :) 

This game had to be the most STRESSFUL GAME I've played so far. BUT...it was also the most perfect game when it comes down to fear😂💯! If you have time then you can see my reaction here 😁😎

Awesome, thanks for the playthrough! ^^

this was the first game i played in 2022 i didn't know i can leave comments ^_^ but, i really enjoyed this game cant wait to see more from you and your group :)

Thx for playing, happy you enjoyed it!

this game was next level.....

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it ^^

Sehr nette Horrogame für zwischendurch :)

Das Feature mit dem Spiegel ist mal ein ganz anderes Erlebnis.

топовая игра только сделайте его не много сильнее этого монстра

Nice game !
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